made in Britain

...and proud of it!

The items which are marked with this logo are proudly made in Great Britain. We believe in locally sourced and locally manufactured goods, and supporting local artisans who are earning a living wage, even in London.

We do not believe in making profit by supporting exploitation of other countries, instead preferring to pay that important little bit extra to make sure that the artisans crafting the goods we use to manufacture our products work in safe and pleasant conditions right here at home.

This furthermore enables us to provide you with a product that is of superior quality, made under our direct supervision.

All the profit we make is directly reinvested into the British economy, helping keep the dying trades of local clothing manufacture and embroidery alive and growing and creating a better life for all of us with a larger cultural tapestry.

This philosophy carries beyond our commitment to Britain and London, as the rest of our products chiefly use goods sourced from our partner states in the EU, the greater economic region that we are proud to be part of.

Your purchase of goods from this site therefore has a direct positive impact on the local British and the larger European fashion communities.

We thank you for your support!