about us

The designers at the helm

À LA DISPOSITION: the fusion of form and function.

Who we are: 

À LA DISPOSITION is the product of the minds of Lynda and Daniel Kinne. With a passion for fashion and a love of traditional quality all pieces created for À LA DISPOSITION pass through these talented hands to give them that little something extra that À LA DISPOSITION is known for. From hard wearing shirts to spectacular investment pieces À LA DISPOSITION is key in your quest for the perfect wardrobe.

Trained both in New York (where they met) and in London where they now live, Lynda and Daniel bring their international expertise to the forefront in their designs and in the creation of the À LA DISPOSITION range. Experts in tailoring, corsetry, patterncutting and garment making this devoted team has spent years perfecting their craft.

What others say:

Already as students the team were making waves: Lynda graduating with academic honours and Daniel winning the Fashion Group International (FGI) menswear award for student design. They have had the honour of being invited guests at the Cutting Edge exhibition in Amsterdam and their pieces have been exhibited alongside fashion greats and are part of the permanent collection of the Museum@FIT. Then there are all the Fashion Books in which À LA DISPOSITION is featured, from The Party Dress by Alexandra Black to 500 Felt Objects in the renowned 500 series from Lark Books.

Ordering from us:

Most items dispatch in 2 to 3 days, though a very few may take 3 to 5 days to be dispatched, depending on location. You will have your piece in 10 days, but usually much quicker!

What does coming soon mean?

Sometimes styles are developed but not immediately available. Usually this means that they are already being produced or are being enquired about. You can e-mail us here to see what the status of your favourite must-have piece is!

Please feel free to drop us a line with any tips or suggestions on enquiries at aladisposition.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us,

Lynda and Daniel Kinne, À LA DISPOSITION